Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Live Streaming

Diposkan oleh hendi on January 11, 2011

Jose Mourinho has already won the best coach of the year award and from the looks of things he is going for a another next year as his team is playing exceptionaly well, even after the loss of Barcelona match they have been on top of their form and giving Barcelona a real run for their money and Ronaldo is banging goals for fun at the moment. Many people believed that he wont be the same player without United and Rooney but he has proved he is one of the greatest players to have played in the last few years. He will be looking to keep his senstational goal scoring run going.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid Copa Del Rey
Date: 13 January 2011 – Time: 9:00 PM GMT
Vanue: Santiago Bernabue, Madrid