Argentina Vs Bolivia Live Streaming

Diposkan oleh hendi on June 29, 2011

Argentina VS Bolivia Live Streaming. Will launch an action in the Copa America 2011, Friday (1/7/2011) in the future. As a visitor, the Argentines made the opening match in Group A first round, against Bolivia.

Seeing his opponent, Argentina will have no problem with average expectations. Statistics notes, Argentina has managed to get 10 wins and only four losses in 16 matches in Bolivia.

But in reference to the minutes of the last meeting of two teams in the 2010 World Cup qualifying because, Argentina beat Bolivia 6-1 victory at home. Although the first meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina 3-0.

Regardless of the recording head to head, the size of Argentina is expected to be much stronger than in Bolivia. Known in the tournament this time, call the Argentine coach Sergio Batista almost all their best players, as Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Angel Di Maria and Barcelona Lionel Messi.

Compare with Bolivia based solely on players that showed up in the national Bolivian League. Computer belongs to Bolivia, Marcelo Martins may be the only player that deserves to be highlighted. The 24-year-around grazing Shakhtar Donetsk is one of the players managed to break the goalkeeper of Argentina, Bolivia while won 6-1.

As for doing business, tango is also effective over Bolivia. A total of 42 mats, tasting victory Argentina champion 14 times (12 times during the South American championship and two during the America Cup). While Bolivia After testing the championship in 1963 or 48 years ago.

Bolivia previous appearances in the Copa America for the event may not be good. Gustavo Quintero not skilled group firing twice in the last 30 years. Moreover, Bolivia is just a cheerleading squad and almost always finish the group stage at the goalkeeper position.

But poor performance does not necessarily mean your broken punggawanya Quintero. Although it is difficult to compete with Argentina, Bolivia, but still compete with two other teams in Group A, ie, Costa Rica and Colombia are included in the team with Tango believed to qualify for a quarter .

Meanwhile, the Copa America in Argentina, this time in a field trial with a self-Lionel Messi. Barcelona star is determined to bring the senior team won the Albiceleste in response to criticism from a number of people that judge can only act within the club, but slow on the lot.

"My biggest dream now is to win the Copa America. We know how important (Copa America) for me and the public probably Argentina. This is my main goal in all other major industry players (Argentina)" said Messi, who was caught decision to end hunger in Argentina Copa America title was held in 1993 or 18 years ago.