Argentina Vs Bolivia Prediction

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Argentina Vs Bolivia Live Streaming | Copa America 2011 - Bolivia is one of the weakest teams in South America, however, different teams berjulukan La aka The Green Green surprise. Argentina had experienced.
But, surprise World Cup 2010 qualifying, when Argentina lost 1-6 in La Paz, was still able to experience the spirit of the team to win Tango prod. Albiceleste determined to remain ambitious recording victories in the cage, as happened in the last four chances to participate in The Green.
Confidence level for something that should be set to Tim Tango. Looking at La Verde, with an eye to reflect.
Gustavo Quinteros, a coach who was born in Argentina, Bolivia, in an attempt to count the last attempt hasi luji against Mexico earlier this week to sign. Bolivia, eventually, a good performance, despite giving up 0-1.
"Games like this, motivating us to get a better game. If you continue to play well, we are likely to have a good record result," Quinteros said.
Adding kesolidan, which still seem to be a shortage of Argentina. Batista should not proceed to place your star. Young players such as left-back Marcos Rojo opportunity to go, but Argentina will hope that many of the experienced figure like Javier Zanetti, as if to stave off the pressure at the end of this battle.

Prescribed sequence and the formation of Argentina against Bolivia:
Argentina (4-3-3): 23-S.Romero, 17-Rojo, Burdisso, 4, 6-G.Milito, 8-Zanetti, 19-Banega, 14 Mascherano, 5-Cambiasso, Tevez 11, 10 - Messi, Lavezzi 21.
Proposal: 1-nature, 12-Andujar, 2-Garay, 3-Zabaleta, Pareja, 13, 7-Di Maria, 15-Biglia, Pastore, 18, 20 Gago, Higuain Aguiero 16.9-, 22-D. Militto.
Bolivia (4-4-2): 1-Arias, 2-Hoyos, 5-R.Rivero, 16-Raldes, 8-Garcia, 10 J. Vaca, 15 Robles, 3-Gutierez, 6-Flores, 18 - Pedriel, 9-Martins.
Proposal: 23-Galarza, 12-D.Vaca, 4-Alvarez, 13-Amador, 14-Vargas, 21-Fields, 22-Cardozo, 19-Chavez, 7-Hermoza, 17-Arce, 20 Saucedo, 11 - Jimenez.

Head to head Argentina vs Bolivia:
April 1, 2009 (KPD) Bolivia 6-1 Argentina
November 17, 2007 (KPD) Argentina 3-0 Bolivia
March 26, 2006 (KPD) Bolivia 1-2 Argentina

Match schedule :
Team : Argentina Vs Bolivia Live
Competition :International Copa America Argentina 2011
Date & Kick Off Time :1 July 2011, 00:45 GMT
venue :La Plata