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The competition of Colombia vs. Bolivia in the next session Copa America 2011 Group A the between Columbia Vs Will Bolivia be the spectaculer show. Colombia is very lucky. Getting a full point will come when confronted with Bolivia at the Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao Lopez, July 10, 2011 3:00:00 PM EDT, Radamel Falcao would put his team into the quarter-finals of funds Copa Ameriva 2011.

Colombia appeared as the most impressive team in the Copa America 2011 Group A. By embarrassing the host Argentina, Colombia are top of the standings with four points.

Colombia has been ascertained to be entered into 8 large though detained or defeated (no more than 1-0 or a one goal difference) Bolivia. However, this condition does not make Los Cafeteros consider easy. Gomez is still aiming for a perfect figure in the match against Bolivia.

"Just like the first game, the last match is also important to us. We should be able to secure Bolivia. We must not fail to reap victories," said Gomez's official website at Copa America 2011.

"What we have achieved to make this team more compact. We believe ourselves to welcome the next game. Our target is to play in the last autumn," said Yepes, reported by ElPais.

Yepes said his team had also fix a mistake made when meeting Costa Rica and Argentina.

"Our defense made several mistakes in previous games. We've found the solution," said captain and general of the Colombian back line.

Los Cafeterospada skyrocketing optimism because in the last five games contra Bolivia, they won three times, while the remaining two draws.

"We've met them several times. For the final result at 1-1. Overall, our results are better. But we must not underestimate them," continued Gomez.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Bolivia has not surrendered to advance to the round of fall, though now in the bottom of the standings in Group A. La Verde must beat Colombia 2-0 or by a margin of two goals to grab quarter-final ticket. But if it ran aground at the foot of Colombia, they have to "go home" of the biggest tournaments in South America. Although heavy, Coach Gustavo Quinteros confident his troops can bend Colombia.

"We were disappointed when it defeated Costa Rica (0-2), but we must forget it. Now all we do is prepare ourselves for the last game. Against Colombia would be another story," said Bolivian striker Marcelo Moreno.

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Estimated Formation Players Colombia Vs. Bolivia
Colombia Formation : 3-4-3
Cast: Nelson Fernando Ramos1, Cristian Zapata2, Mario Alberto Yepes3, Aquivaldo Mosquera22, Sánchez6 Carlos, Juan Camilo Zúñiga18, Abel Enrique Aguilar8, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado10, Dayro Moreno17, Adrian Ramos20, Falcao9.

Bolivia Formation : 4-4-2
Players: Carlos Arias1, Christian Claros14 Israel Vargas, Miguel Ángel Hoyos2, Roca4 Lorgio Alvarez, Santos Amador13, Edvaldo Hermoza7 Rojas, Cardozo Fernandez22, Nacho García8, Joselito Vaca10, Marcelo Martins Moreno9, Mauricio Saucedo20.

July 10, 2011 3:00:00 PM EDT
Estadio Brigadier General Estanislao López — Ciudad de Santa Fé, Provincia de Santa Fe