Paraguay 3 - 3 Venezuela Highlights Video

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3 - 3
July 13, 2011 6:15:00 PM EDT
Estadio Padre Ernesto Martearena — Ciudad de Salta, Provincia de Salta
Referee: E. Osses

Paraguay failed to move into the quarter-final match due to the determination of Paraguay vs Venezuela game ended in a draw, the match Paraguay vs. Venezuela is the last match in group B preliminary game Copa America 2011. At the beginning of the first round of direct Paraguay do the pressures to Venezuela, but the defense area, at 5 minutes early matches Paraguay vs Venezuela surprise goal by Rondon.

Left behind by one goal to make games or Paraguay faster and pressures of Venezuela's defense continues to be stricken area and several opportunities Paraguay failed to put to good use. Up to the minute to 32 when there was chaos in front of goal Venezuela, Paraguay finally managed to score a goal by Antolín Alcaraz and leveled for a while.

Sign the second half, the game is a bit slow but the pressure is still done by Paraguay and at minute 64 by use of a corner kick, Paraguay scored one extra goal scored by Lucas Ramón Barrio.Setelah additional goals, Paraguay looks more control of the game.

And at minute 83 by use of a free-kick and well resolved by Cristian Miguel Riveros an added advantage in the 90th minute Paraguay. Venezuela managed to decrease the catch, and an additional 3 minutes at the end of Venezuela managed to survive until the game 3-3 kedudukan.Kedudukan ends. With this result, Venezuela qualify for the last eight of the Copa America 2011

Final Results: Paraguay vs Venezuela 3-3
Paraguay: Antolín Alcaraz 33 ', Lucas Ramón Barrios 63', Cristian Miguel Riveros 86 '
Gol Venezuela: Rondon 5 ', Miku 90', Grendy Perozo 90 +3'