Tottenham Vs. Everton Live Streaming Postponed

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August 13, 2011 3:00 PM BST
White Hart Lane — London

Tottenham Vs Everton Live Streaming | EPL Live Streaming - Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore ensure a match between Tottenham Hotspur against Everton last Saturday (08/13/2011) postponed. Meanwhile, a new nine games remaining to be discussed tonight.

As reported by Eurosport, the decision itself had to be taken following the riots that occurred throughout the city in England, this weekend. Tottenham is the most severe riots, because the club is based in London.

Scudamore said it was very difficult to ensure the safety for the game. Because, the police had experienced difficulty in dealing with unrest in the surrounding streets Tottenham until Friday night, yesterday.

"The situation at Tottenham and last Evertone had been no riots. The police have done a good job. But, the crime has occurred throughout the week and the board does not have enough time to perform its obligations," said Scudamore.

Tottenham party mengamani Scudamore words. "Following discussions with the authorities is still ongoing. So, with this we make sure the game was postponed for the safety of High Road and access roads to the stadium," Tottenham said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the last nine games that should also take place in the opening match, his fate will be announced in the near future. Currently, stakeholders gather to discuss the issue.

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