Brazil Vs Paraguay Highlights Goal Video

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Kickoff time: Saturday, 09 July 2011 - 16:00 (19:00 GMT)
Venue: Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes - Cordoba

Venezuela vs Brazil Highlights Video - Brazil's current strategy to face Venezuela in the first qualifying Group B there was nothing wrong. result, the game that was exhibited superofensif Ganso cs making Venezuela only to survive. Center for the game fully in the grasp Selecao. Unfortunately, they did not impress the game ended in victory. Ironically again, Selecao failed to score.

"We played better than Venezuela. Unfortunately, the players look less smart and take advantage of opportunities. this problem we must solve and must not be repeated against Paraguay, "said coach Selecao, Mano Menezes.

Brazil face Paraguay striker line should be better. Material quality players and game La Albirroja better than Venezuela. That is, if the Selecao play like when facing Venezuela, the victory will stay away.
Menezes stressed that more often gave the ball mature to Alexandre Pato. As against Venezuela, Pato is too much with the ball because of lack of supply. Meanwhile, two other attackers, and Robinho Neymar often play alone. In later games, and Robinho Neymar more maneuvering in the open space and creating opportunities for Pato. "We've played very well. We just need to improve performance in the final settlement, "beber Neymar.

This problem is not just whack Selecao. La Albirroja feel it. In their first game without a goal in Ecuador hold. Coach Gerardo Martino has to know where the weaknesses of his team. He saw the midfield and the front are less daring to put pressure on the opponent's defense.

"This team evolved over time. However, the need courage in dismantling the opponent's defense. Santa Cruz and Barrios have to be more daring when a duel with a defender. Meanwhile, the midfield should be more creative in the open space, "said Martino.

In total, La Albirroja indeed lost Selecao. But, they have a wonderful memory in the 2004 Copa America. At that time, Al Birroja Selecao able to defeat with the score 2-1 in qualifying Group C. That means, even at the last meeting Lukas Barrios cs Selecao lost at home in the Pre-World Cup in 2010, does not mean they will experience a similar fate. Game time is at langsungkan at a neutral venue, Selecao must be alert.

Full Time Result Score :
39' [1 - 0] Jadson
55' [1 - 1] R.S. Cruz
67' [1 - 2] N.H. Valdez
90' [2 - 2] Fred

This video of goals in the match Brazil vs Venezuela Copa America 2011. Enjoy it!. :)