Venezuela vs Ecuador Live Streaming

Diposkan oleh hendi on July 10, 2011

July 9, 2011 10:30:00 PM BST
Estadio Padre Ernesto Martearena - Ciudad de Salta, Provincia de Salta
Referee : W. Quesada

Copa America 2011 - A very good start against a team faforit Copa America championship for 2011 with a draw against Brazil managed to make troops Venezuela has become confident and optimistic will be able to gain points plus the Copa America this year. In the second match will face Ecuador Venezuela later.

Venezuela is under attack almost suffered a barrage of Brazil throughout the game, but they could secure a vital area until the game ended goalless.
"Undoubtedly, the final outcome of this match is one of the historic events in the Copa America," said Farias.

"You imagine, we successfully draw against Latin American giants like Brazil who are preparing and ambition won the 2014 World Cup."
"Achieving positive results started to become a habit for Venezuela, but our work is not yet complete."

"We will control the ball when the opportunity was there, but we fought like a gladiator when she had to endure."
Meanwhile, Venezuela goalkeeper Renny Vega said a draw was not a surprise.

"The draw against Brazil is the third in a row. We have not won anything, the struggle has just begun and we need to focus on the match against Ecuador," she said on Canal 7.Dan in Venezuela vs Ecuador Match Predictions of this course we will try and try maximum in order to win even though many of the states that prediction will end Venezuela vs. Ecuador Venezuela imbang.Namun although a little difficult at unggulkan in this fight.

Estimated Formation Players Venezuela Vs
Ecuador Copa America 2011
Venezuela :
Formation :4-3-3
Cast: Renny Vicente Vega1, José Manuel Rey3, Gabriel Cichero6, Oswaldo Vizcarrondo4, Franklin Lucena14, González11 Eduardo César, Luis Seijas13, Jesús Manuel Meza Moreno19, Miku7, Moreno15 Alejandro, Juan Fernando Arango18.

Ecuador :
Formation :4-4-2
Cast: Marcelo Ramón Elizaga1, Geovanny Caicedo2, Luis Armando Checa Villamar4, Diego Armando Calderón20, Norberto Carlos Araujo19, Edison Vicente Méndez8, Eli Edson17 Angulo Montano, Mario David Quiroz Villón15, Segundo Alejandro Castillo14, Christian Benítez11, Felipe Caicedo9.