Highlights Argentina vs Colombia

Diposkan oleh hendi on July 7, 2011

Highlights Argentina vs Colombia 0-0| Copa America 2011 - Argentina has not been able to show kegagahanya in the group stage of the Copa America 2011. When both the Copa America match against Colombia in 2011, the Tango team back to playing the series with scores 0-0.

This makes Argentina was still in position to the second standings of Group A Copa America 2011. After Argentina 1-1 draw against Bolivia in the opener. While Colombia has gained four points thanks to a victory over Costa Rica.

Although many top players, Argentina attack blunted because there is no playmaker midfielder who could serve the Carlos Tevez and two-time world player, Lionel Messi.

In the first round they were even more often under pressure from Colombia's dangerous, who played more denagn well. Operand ball from foot to foot, positioning the players are very effective to reduce the squad Tango.

Goalkeeper Sergio Romero into a hero thanks to the action of a crucial three-rescue, including when blocking shots is touted striker will join Chelsea in this season, Falcao, from inside the box.

Argentina game a little better in the second half, after Ezequiel Lavezzi was pulled out and replaced by Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and later was lowered.

Some golden opportunities to get, among others through hard kick from in front of the penalty box Tevez, Aguero and kicking. But luck was not pro-troops "Tango", because the goalkeeper Luis Enrique Martinez was playing brilliantly in goal Colombia.

This is video Highligts Argentina vs Colombia. Enjoy it! :)