Highlights Copa America 2011 Argentina Vs Bolivia

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Highlights Copa America 2011 Argentina Vs Bolivia - Lived with the previous lack of good in the match Argentina Copa America 2011. Status of the host and become one of the leading champions, Argentina forced a 1-1 draw against Bolivia.
In a match that took place at the Stadium Ciudad de La Plata, Argentina actually really dominating the game. But some of the opportunities they have many failed in the execution of a goal.

Lionel Messi and his friends when it first left Edivaldo Hermoza Rojas bring Bolivia ahead at minute 48. A goal from Sergio Aguero on 76 minutes eventually prevent Argentina from defeat in the opening match.

A 1-1 draw was made Argentina and Bolivia both have a point and share the top of Group A.

The game

Argentina appear very dominant in the early minutes of the game. Shown with their best power directly pressing defense Bolivia.

Nmun Tnago im still yet to find opportunities to score. defense meeting of Bolivia, and cooperation that are less well on a team Argentina in front of goal.

however, a golden opportunity came from Messi in the 25th minute when Lavezzi is mengrirm bait on the puncture from the right side, unfortunately, the Inter Milan striker's shot towards the far post was wide

Messi returned to the attack, he took the bait on Tevez who deftly grabbed the skin round toward the near pole. again "they failed because of goalkeeper Carlos E. brushed off the ball out of the field.

Argentina continued to attack in the remaining first round matches. however, the scoreboard is still pointing to the 0-0

At the beginning of the second half, exactly 48 minutes, the public stadium Ciudad de La Plata is made silent. Rojas Edivaldo Hermoza surprisingly goalkeeper of Argentina and Bolivia in a position to bring 1-0.

Left behind one goal, Argentina reacted instantly. They intensified pressing defense Bolivia in search of a goal back.

Messi is the first chance when counterbalance score akrobatiknya still able to kick by goalkeeper Carlos Arias Erwin. Other opportunities created through Angel Di Maria who shot a thin misses the mark.

In the 65th minute Argentina was almost re-pierced even when Marcelo Moreno escaped the offside trap and stay facing the goalkeeper Romero. Romero made a brilliant rescue when he brushed off the ball is still attached at the foot of Moreno, the second attempt also failed because the striker shot the ball right mentarah body of the goalkeeper.

To add power gebraknya coach Sergio Batista pulled Lavezzi and Sergio Aguero put in the 70th minute. Atletico Madrid striker immediately threatened to Bolivia's defense during acceleration individuals who end up with a kick in the face of the penalty box was off.

during 76 minutes Argentina finally managed to equalize through a goal that is created with the beautiful. Starting from the bait Di Maria on the left side, reflected by the skin round the chest by Nicolás Burdisso, the ball bounced directly struck by a volley goal Aguero and tear Bolivia. Score became 1-1.

Total mengusai Argentina match in the next minute. But none of all these advantages that could lead to the creation of an equalizing goal.

Until the referee finally blew the long whistle signaled the complete game, the scoreboard is still pointing to the 1-1.

This is video footage of the printed goals during the match Argentina vs. Bolivia in Copa America 2011. Enjoy it :)