Peru Vs Mexico Highlights Goal Videos

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Peru Vs Mexico Highlights Goal Videos | Copa America 2011 - In the second match of Group C Copa America 2011, Friday, 08 July 2011 - 19:15 (22:15 GMT) at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas - Mendoza, Mexico must recognize the benefits of Peru. The away team lost 0-1 thanks to goals from Jose Paolo Guerrero in the final minutes of the second half. In the earlier match, Uruguay held to a draw by Chile, 1-1. Thus, shifting Peru Uruguay from Group C second place standings

Estadio Malvinas Argentinas competed in, Mendoza, Saturday, July 9, 2011, morning GMT, Peru and Mexico seemed to play cautiously along the first half. Hali was shown to, Peru has only three golden opportunities, to one owned by Mexico. However, none of all the opportunities that led to goals. Score goggles lasted until halftime.

Peru who is mastering the game, continue dominasnya in the second half. Pressure against Mexico who escorted Luis Ernesto Michel increasingly become.

One of Juan Vargas held a golden opportunity in the 73rd minute. However, his free-kick hit the goalpost was still Mexico. Six minutes later, Michel returned to rescue brilliant close-range shot from the opponent.

However, goalkeeper Michel finally breached as well by Jose Paolo Guerrero in the 83rd minute. Through a crisis in front of the Mexican goalkeeper, the ball leads to Guerrero who was at the far post. Without any escort at all, Guerrero alleged offside by Mexican defender, easily mencploskan ball into the opponent's goal.

Guerrero scored the final result of the difference in the game this time. Peru already receive four points behind in second place due to goal difference from Chile. While Mexico is at the most distended with zero points, two ahead from Uruguay who is ranked third

Peru probable starting lineups vs. Mexico :
Peru: Fernandez; Rodriguez, Acasiete, Revoredo, Vilchez; Yotun, Guevara, Balbin, Ballon, Advincula; Guerrero

Mexico: Michel; Aguilar, Araujo, Reynoso, MIER; Chavez, Aquino; Reyes Enriquez, Giovani; Lugo.

Full Time Result : Peru 1-0 Mexico
Peru: J.P. Guerrer 83 '