Uruguay vs Chile Highlights Goal Videos

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Uruguay vs Chile Highlights | Copa America 2011 - Allowance for group C more exciting. the match between Uruguay against Chile finished with a 1-1 draw result. Early in the game, Uruguay immediately put pressure on Chile's defense, until the first half but still finished the game a draw.

Sign in keduapun round game more exciting and fast but a little bit harder, forcing the referee issued a yellow card for a few players from both teams. Uruguay favorite team's fate is now in jeopardy after a 1-1 draw against Chile in the second leg Copa America group stage,

Instead of Chile opened his chances to qualify from group stage after successfully maintained its position at the top of the standings Group C.

In those games, Uruguay took the lead early goals scored by Alvaro Pereira. While Chile is able to change the position to be drawn through the donation goals from Alexis Sanchez

Final Match: Uruguay 1-1 Chile
- Uruguay [A. Sanchez, '65]
- Chile [A. Pereira, '54]

Uruguay: Muslera; Pereira, Lugano, Coates, Caceres; Perez, Arevalo, Alvaro Pereira; Cavani, Forlan, Suarez

Chile: Bravo; Jara, Ponce, Contreras; Beausejour, Medel, Isla, Vidal, Fernandez; Sanchez, Suazo.