Uruguay vs Chile Live Streaming

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July 8, 2011 6:15:00 PM EDT
Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza — Mendoza, Provincia de Mendoza
Referee: C. Amarilla

Chili kommen projecting the favorites of the New Group C. La Roja against the pros at the beginning of the tournament to prove kapazitiven Superior, Uruguay. Must get a perfect score, Uruguay could use the euphoria and the lack of success in the figure opposite.

Last Friday (8.7) to the Malvinas Argentinas stadium in Mendoza, the pressure would be more directed to Uruguay Chili. Failure to win the first pro Partiten against Peru, the stronghold is pretty weak in recent years, raising questions about the favorability La Celeste.
In contrast, the Chili Less CAN appear relaxed in this battle thanks to the victory over Mexico. However, the Chili CAN be unpleasant menghadai El Tri kommen.

Chili on the 2-0 World Cup 2010 semi-finalists in the November 2010 test Aktuellster niet direct sertamerta eine pro Begünstigten Santiago La Roja. Ein That time, the Chili is looking for in a Good-Wagen awesome Marcelo "El Loco" Bielsa, the Argentine was shown the technical architect of the Best ever Chili Koopje kommen.

Claudio Borghi, New coach, has called Chili Yankin ein predecessors began to forget that. Fold sterven lure action when Mexico has become evident that the Chili remains promising.
"Of course, if we were nervous, but it provides a comfortable three points the interest the Prime Minister to face opponents in Uruguay kommen," Borghi said.

Uruguay manager Oscar Tabarez, start Lazy been undisturbed. The former coach of Milan is promoting Without Glasses The Heavenly Play with France in South-Afrika 2010.
"We will fight in this tournament. Against the Chili, we won because this is what being reached Ent. It would be difficult, because the performance of Chili Ara good, but better Andra Uruguay," said ESPN Deportes Tabarez promises.

"All together a strong team in this tournament. Let's just hope the game your opponent ein Open, so there are more goals," added Diego Forlan.
Atletico hope that could happen because of the old Chili-eine Trust. In addition, it was called La Roja attack on a team with the game so far Best kommen. Will be tempted to continue to gamble in fantasy.

Uruguay (4-3-3) : Muslera, Caceres, Victorino, Lugano, M. Pereira, Rodriguez, Arevalo,Perez, Suarez, Forlan, Cavani.
Reserves: Castillo, Silva, Godin, Coates, Scotti, Gargano, Eguren, Pereira, Lodeiro,Gonzalez, Abreau, Hernandez.

Chile (3-4-1-2): Bravo, Contreras, Ponce, Jara, Isla, Medel, Vidal, Estrada, Valdivia,Sanchez, Suazo.
Reserves: Pinto, Garces, Silva, Carmona, Jimenez, M. Fernandez, Beausejour, Fierro,Millar, Gutierrez Munoz, Paredes.

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